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Frozen Bank Account Attorneys in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Frozen Bank Account Lawyers

Was Your Bank Account Frozen? We're Your Local Advocates!

The shock of a frozen bank account can throw your financial stability into disarray, making it impossible to cover your daily expenses, from household bills to groceries. If you're in Philadelphia, PA, and find yourself unable to access your funds, don't hesitate to reach out to us at Graham & Borgese for immediate support and a complimentary consultation. Banks can sometimes misinterpret the regulations designed to safeguard consumers from unwarranted account freezes.

Our team of dedicated debt relief lawyers, specializing in frozen bank accounts in Philadelphia, is ready to guide you through this stressful time. Get in touch with us online or call us to reclaim control of your finances.

Our Philadelphia frozen bank account lawyers can help. Reach out to us by submitting our online form or dial (888) 801-7765.

What Is A Bank Levy Or Frozen Bank Account?

A frozen bank account, also known as a restrained account, is one where withdrawals are blocked due to a creditor's claim. This means that while you can deposit funds, you cannot withdraw any, leaving you in a financial bind.

In Pennsylvania, the law permits the levy of a bank account under Section 9607 of Title 13 in the Commercial Code, but this can only happen following a court judgment.

Common Reasons Behind a Frozen Bank Account

In Philadelphia, a frozen bank account typically indicates that a creditor has won a judgment against you or a joint account holder. Creditors use this tactic to compel debt repayment by restricting access to your funds.

Protection for Your Funds in Pennsylvania

The state provides a $300 statutory exemption from account levies as outlined in 42 Pa. C.S.A. Section 8123. Assets held jointly by spouses are also protected from such levies. Additionally, banks are required to inform creditors about recurring electronic deposits into the account—like wages, Social Security benefits, and disability payments—which may be protected from levy if the account's balance is under $10,000.

Local Assistance for Frozen Bank Accounts in Philadelphia

Graham & Borgese is available to assist you in Philadelphia, PA if your bank account has been frozen. Our skilled lawyers will put in endless effort to defend your rights and get back access to your money. To begin fixing your frozen bank account troubles, contact us right now.

Speak with qualified frozen bank account attorneys in Philadelphia at Graham & Borgese. Call (888) 801-7765 or complete our online form.

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