LR Credit

LR Credit

Has LR Credit filed a lawsuit against you?

Who is LR Credit? LR Credit, LLC, a.k.a. “LR Credit,” is a large debt-buyer of defaulted debt that has changed its legal name over twenty times.  That’s right – over twenty registered business names, including:

  • LR Credit, LLC
  • LR Credit 1, LLC
  • LR Credit 2, LLC
  • LR Credit 3, LLC
  • LR Credit 4, LLC
  • LR Credit 5, LLC
  • LR Credit 6, LLC
  • LR Credit 7, LLC
  • LR Credit 8, LLC
  • LR Credit 9, LLC
  • LR Credit 10, LLC
  • LR Credit 11, LLC
  • LR Credit 12, LLC
  • LR Credit 13, LLC
  • LR Credit 14, LLC
  • LR Credit 15, LLC
  • LR Credit 16, LLC
  • LR Credit 17, LLC
  • LR Credit 18, LLC
  • LR Credit 19, LLC
  • LR Credit 20, LLC
  • LR Credit 21, LLC
  • LR Credit 22, LLC, and
  • LR Credit 23 LLC.  

LR Credit buys old, delinquent accounts from original creditors for pennies on the dollar and then turns their focus towards collecting the full amount from the debtor – plus additional interest, fees and costs from consumers.

Are they legitimate?  

LR Credit is a company that handles a very high-volume of debt collection accounts and has been subjected to many FDCPA lawsuits over the years due to questionable practices (including abuse, deceptive conduct and other unfair practices). However, just because LR Credit is not your original creditor and has gotten in trouble for violating the FDCPA before, doesn’t mean you should simply ignore their collection attempts.

Whether they are engaging in internal collections or hiring law firms to sue on their behalf (such as Mel S. Harris & Associates), this company can still obtain valid legal judgments against you – especially if you ignore the process altogether. These judgments give LR Credit (in all 20+ registered forms) full legal authority from New York State to collect the amount they allege is owed, plus interest at 9%, attorney fees, etc. A judgment also allows LR Credit to garnish your wages, freeze your bank accounts, and seize other assets you own (in certain circumstances).

How can we help? 

Graham & Borgese can raise any legal defenses that you may have, investigate whether LR Credit’s efforts are legitimate, prevent a default judgment from being entered against you and/or negotiate a reasonable settlement with flexible monthly payments so you can protect your credit and save money. If you are receiving collection letters from LR Credit or have been sued by a law firm like Mel S. Harris & Associates on their behalf, contact Graham & Borgese right away for a free consultation.

Past Cases We’ve Handled:

LR Credit 18, LLC v. Mallory, Index #45552/08
Ms. Mallory was sued by Mel S. Harris & Associates, LLC, attorneys of record for LR Credit  18, LLC, a company that purchased  the defaulted credit card account. The lawsuit resulted in a judgment for just under $5,000 and resulted in a wage garnishment notice being issued by her county Sheriff. After our office became involved, the matter was settled for $3,000, payable in $100 monthly installments (with no interest accrual) and the judgment was vacated as well.

LR Credit 21, LLC v. Mondal, Index #39020/12 
A judgment totaling $2,263, plus additional costs and disbursements, was entered against Mr. Mondal in favor of LR Credit 21. Our law firm was subsequently retained and managed to successfully settle the debt for $1,131.65, payable in monthly installments of $50 (with no interest accrual and the judgment vacated upfront).

*Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

Aren’t lawyers expensive? 

Our law firm is dedicated to providing quality legal representation to people of all financial situations.  Unlike most other attorneys or even debt settlement companies, Graham & Borgese does not charge contingency fees. That’s right, we only charge a low flat fee to handle your case.  Plus, our consultations are always FREE. When you consider how much time, money and stress our law firm can save you, the choice is easy!

Contact one of our offices today to learn more about your rights and our extremely affordable fee rates and flexible payment plan options.