National Enterprise Systems

National Enterprise Systems (NES)

Are you currently being contacted by National Enterprise Systems, a.k.a. “NES”? 

If so, Graham & Borgese is exactly the type of help you’ve been looking for. Our experienced and dedicated attorneys can help you resolve your debt-related issue.

Who Are They?

National Enterprise Systems, a.k.a. “NES” collects on debts owed to schools, state governments, and the financial, retail, and telecommunications sectors. NES is well-known for its hardball tactics, sometimes going too far, in violation of the FDCPA. Many consumers have raised complaints regarding numerous, unwanted and harassing calls, as well as threats of impending legal activity.

The contact information for National Enterprise Systems is as follows:

National Enterprise Systems
29125 Solon Road
Solon, OH 44139
Phone:  440-542-1360
Fax: 440-542-1380

Are they legitimate?

As of January 2017, National Enterprise Systems has an “A+” Rating on the Better Business Bureau website.  That being said, they are not accredited by the BBB and have received a very large number of complaints in the past three years. Those complaints included allegations that range from rude and threatening behavior to allegations of improperly attempting to collect payments for debts not owed by the consumer being contacted. 

If you believe that NES is engaging in illegal collection activity or you simply want someone to deal with them for you, contact our attorneys today.

How Can Graham & Borgese Help?

Our law firm has helped clients resolve thousands of collection accounts and hold unscrupulous collectors accountable for their unlawful activity, and we can help you too. Our experience allows us to anticipate potential issues and prospective outcomes so we can help minimize risk and save you money, stress and fear. We can help you understand the process, investigate your debt and devise a plan of attack that will make the most sense for your specific goals.

Additionally, our law firm understands that the people who need our help are dealing with debt issues and need fair and flexible fees to protect their rights. That is why our consultations are always free, we charge extremely affordable rates, and even accept payment plans to make our fees even easier to pay.