Associated Creditors Exchange

Associated Creditors Exchange

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Who Is Associated Creditors Exchange?

They are a large collections agency that is based out of Phoenix, Arizona. They are registered with the Better Business Bureau and as of May, 2016, they have an A- rating.

According to the ACA International website, the complaint/ethics contact information for Associated Creditors Exchange is as follows:

Associated Creditors Exchange, Inc.
Cindy Olson, Controller
Cindy Olson, Ethics Contact
3443 N Central Ave., Ste 1100
Phoenix, AZ 85012-2223
Phone: (602) 954-6554
Fax: (602) 241-0916
ACA Member since 1950

Is Associated Creditors Exchange Legitimate?

Associated Creditors Exchange is a legitimate collections agency, but that doesn’t mean that everything they do is lawful or appropriate. Complaints against this agency are wide-spread throughout the internet and range in allegations. On-line searches reveal a number of complaints against them made by consumers who believe they were unfairly frightened or tricked into making payment arrangements with this collections agency. Various consumer complaint sites also allege that Associated Creditors Exchange has placed abusive telephone calls, falsely misrepresented that they are serving as a “mediator” for the Courts and that litigation is “imminent” if the debt isn’t paid immediately.

How Can Graham & Borgese Help You With Associated Creditors Exchange?

Our law firm has helped clients resolve thousands of debt collection accounts and we have great experience holding unscrupulous collectors accountable for their unlawful collection activity. We can put this knowledge and experience to work to help you too. We know how to anticipate potential issues and prospective outcomes so we can help minimize risk and save you money, stress and fear. We also take the time to help you understand the process, thoroughly investigate your debt and devise a comprehensive plan of attack that will make the most sense for your specific goals.

Additionally, our law firm understands that the people who need our help are dealing with debt issues and need fair and flexible fees to protect their rights. That is why our consultations are always free, we charge extremely affordable rates, and even accept payment plans to make our fees even easier to pay.