Mel S. Harris & Associates

Mel S. Harris & Associates

Has Mel S. Harris & Associates filed a lawsuit against you?

Who are they?

 Mel S. Harris and Associates, LLC, is a New York law firm with a primary practice of consumer debt collection. Mel S. Harris represents a wide-range of clients, from global financial institutions to small business owners, in every market sector, including but not limited to financial, education, health care, and technology.

Are they legitimate?

Consumer complaints can be found in numerous forums and chat rooms on-line and include claims that judgments were unknowingly obtained without proper service and that lawsuits were filed for debts that were not owed. That being said, they are a legitimate law firm and thus if you receive any legal documents from their office, you should treat them seriously to avoid having a default judgment entered against you.

If you have discovered a judgment was entered against you by Mel S. Harris and Associates without your knowledge you may wish to contact the Court where the judgment was entered to obtain copies of the Affidavit of Service filed with the clerk. This paperwork will indicate when, where and how the process server allegedly served you. If the information listed in the paper is incorrect, you may have a great argument as to why the judgment should be vacated and our experienced and dedicated attorneys can help.

The following is the contact information for Mel S. Harris & Associates:

Mel S. Harris & Associates, LLC
5 Hanover Square, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10004-2614
Toll free:1 866 414-7444
Telephone: (212) 571-4900

Should I hire an attorney? 

Don’t go it alone. The legal process is stressful, difficult and confusing, leaving you at risk of being taken advantage of.  Graham & Borgese has handled thousands of consumer law matters and can put that experience to work for you. Our consultations are free and we only charge low flat fees (i.e. no contingency rates) to save you as much money as possible.

Past cases we’ve handled:

Americredit Financial Services v. White, Index #11110/14
Our client was sued by Americredit Financial Services Inc. and their attorneys, Mel S. Harris, for $6,648.24, plus interest and costs of action.  The lawsuit was regarding a Retail Installment Agreement for the purchase of a motor vehicle.  After Graham & Borgese filed an Answer, the lawsuit was settled for just $3,225, to be paid in monthly installments of $75 (without interest accrual) and no entry of judgment.

Pinpoint Technologies, LLC v. Steele, Index #04712Q/07
Upon discovering that her bank account had been frozen, our office was retained to investigate service of the underlying lawsuit and judgment, and to determine whether a settlement was possible.  We determined that Pinpoint Technologies purchased the defaulted debt from Bally’s Fitness Center and thereafter hired Mel S. Harris & Associates to obtain the judgment. When our client did not appear due to questionable service, they obtained a default judgment for $2,444.95. Graham & Borgese quickly negotiated a great lump sum settlement of $1,150 which not only settled the debt but also got the judgment vacated.

CVI Loan Trust I v. Chmura, Index #000930/15
Mel S. Harris & Associates filed suit on behalf of their client, CVI Loan Trust I, a company that purchased the defaulted credit card account from Citifinancial, Inc.  In total, the plaintiff sought recovery of $3,832.17, plus interest and costs of the action. After filing a detailed Answer to the lawsuit within the time allotted, our law firm successfully negotiated a settlement of $2,250, payable in monthly installments of just $50, with no interest accrual and no entry of judgment.

* Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

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