In this podcast, attorney Frank Borgese discusses the issue of property liens. He goes into detail about what a property lien is, how one ends up with one against them, how they affect consumers and how his firm helps consumers resolve them.

Below you will find the podcast and a transcription of it.

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Today I wanted to talk a little bit about what a lien is and what type of affects it can have on you as a debtor, and also why they are important to get resolved.

A lot of times people ask me what a lien is and what the significance of it is. Simply put, a lien is a a mechanism by which a creditor who is awarded a judgment against you, can put a hold on any assets that you own and potentially order the sale of that asset to satisfy their judgment. More times than not you’re talking about a property. There are various laws that protect your home from being sold. However, that lean can still have a significant impact. If it’s not resolved, the lean will have to be satisfied if you ever look to transfer the title of the property to somebody else. So, if you’re trying to sell the property, or leave the property to your children and change the title in their name, you wouldn’t be able to do that until you resolve the debt.

Judgments grow at 9% interest until they’re paid in full. If you get a judgment entered against you, and then ten, 12, or 15 years pass before you attempt to transfer title of the property, it can be quite a shock when you go to resolve the lien and you discover that the balance is much, much higher than it was initially. Additionally a lot of times people don’t realize when you go to refinance your mortgage you need to have a clean title as well. That’s another instance where if there’s a lien on your property, the lender is not going to work with you unless that lean is resolved.

Having a lien is a serious issue that you need to have addressed. However, there are multiple ways in which we can attack the lien and assist you if you are dealing with one. If you have any inkling that there’s a judgment out there against you, and you own property, you should try to resolve it right away. It’s extremely difficult once you’re in the process of refinancing or selling your property to try to get something like that resolved within a matter of days. It can take weeks if not months to resolve this type of issue. If you have any questions or concerns about a lien that you may have on your property call our office today and we will be happy to assist you.