Join us in donating to the fight against cancer, benefiting Roswell Park.

We are happy to be donating to the “11 Day Power Play” in support of our friend Matthew Balling, and we wanted you to be aware of this unique event. From June 22 – July 3, two teams of (20) players will compete in one continuous hockey game at the HarborCenter for (250) hours of fun and fundraising. Each player has the goal of raising at least $10,000 for the fight against cancer, and over 2,000+ people have already donated to the teams and players.

Matthew Balling shared his involvement with our Frank Borgese because the two men play together in an adult hockey league for recreation. “I have played with Matthew for a number of years and it didn’t surprise me at all when I learned that he was undertaking this effort to raise money for a wonderful cause. We are happy to contribute and show our support.” Frank knew he and Kris Graham would want to support Matt’s efforts and highlight the upcoming event for others that may want to attend, or are looking ways to get involved through donations or volunteering. We all know someone that has been affected by cancer, and this is a positive, family-friendly way to fight back.

This event is being sponsored by the Buffalo Sabres and several other major local sponsors committed to supporting Roswell Park. There are also some local promotions to raise awareness, including a special “11 Day Pilsner” beer being sold at the Thin Man Brewery on Elmwood Ave.

This event was developed by Amy and Mike Lesakowski, as they strove to pay honor to their late mother Evelyn, a true fan of hockey and Buffalo. Now, they are combining players, sponsors, and supporters around a record-breaking event in the hopes of raising over $1 million to fight cancer for all.