Attorneys Kris Graham and Frank Borgese of the Law Offices of Graham and Borgese have been protecting consumers in the state of New York and New Jersey by helping individuals address debt-related issues and find manageable solutions. They have helped thousands of individuals resolve their debt issues through their expert knowledge and practical approach. In all cases, they work to help clients feel a sense of relief from the burdens of financial stress.

Now, they are bringing their focus and energy to the great state of Pennsylvania in order to help the residents here resolve their debt related issues as quickly as possible for as little as possible. Debt issues are legal issues. The procedures are so important and most individuals do not know how to respond when sued by a debt collector. It is crucial to respond to the lawsuit in the correct manner and in the short time-frame allowed by law. Failing to make the correct arguments can cause you to lose your case as soon as it starts and can potentially cost you thousands of dollars (or more) in the long-run. Their firm understands these key factors and it is reflected in their successful track record across New York and New Jersey. They believe this reputation and visibility led to a larger demand coming from Pennsylvania:

For quite a while our proximity to Pennsylvania led to numerous calls by consumers who needed legal representation in the areas we practice. All too often we were told that they could not find help in their state and the frequency of those calls only grew over time. We knew that something needed to be done to help consumers in Pennsylvania navigate the legal system and defend them from their creditors. We are very excited for this opportunity.Frank Borgese, Partner

Their firm understands the law in Pennsylvania and their history of professionalism and client results should transfer effectively over state lines. They offer free consultations and even payment plan options. Their goal is to get their clients out of debt, not add to it. They also like to remind all consumers about important financial management habits that can help them when it comes to taking on their debt collectors:

Be proactive. Take control of your finances and keep good records of your accounts, and any payments you make to reduce balances on loans, mortgages, or other credit accounts. When a problem arises – expected or unexpected, gather your information and contact an attorney for guidance. Having detailed records can be one way of ensuring you are not stuck paying a debt you don’t believe you owe. – Kris Graham, Partner

If you’re dealing with debt-related issues, contact the Law Offices of Graham and Borgese for a free consultation at (888) 801-7765 or visit and take the first step towards resolving your debt related issues.