I have a lien on my property

If you wish to sell your home or refinance your mortgage, a property lien can prevent you from moving forward or cost you thousands of dollars. Quite often, the lien is only discovered when the process of selling your home or refinancing your mortgage is already underway and you can be made to feel like your only options are to pay the lien off entirely or hire an attorney to investigate and resolve the underlying judgment within a very short period of time. At Graham & Borgese, we are extremely familiar with the process and have helped many people in this situation. By contacting our law firm today, our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys will explain the process and devise a strategy that will optimize your savings.

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How Did a Lien End up on My Property in the First Place?

A lien is placed against property only after a judgment has been entered against a person whose name is on the deed. This means that a lawsuit was filed at some point and an alleged creditor was awarded a judgment for a specified amount. Chances are that you may not have been properly notified of the lawsuit and a careful analysis of the underlying judgment and your overall situation need to be balanced to ensure that you obtain the best results possible given the situation.

What Do I Need to Know About Liens?

In New York and New Jersey, a lien can be placed against real estate in the judgment-debtor’s name (i.e. a primary residence, rental property, land, etc.) and against someone’s personal property (i.e. things like cars, jewelry, art and other valuable items). Additionally, a New York lien can last up to 20 years (if renewed before the first 10 years have passed). Contact us today for a free consultation. Serving New York and New Jersey.

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