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We can help you no matter where you are in the debt collection process. Even if you are currently speaking with Erin Capital Management, give us a call. We may be able to save you money. You should never try to deal with debt collectors alone. Fill out the contact form below, call us at 888.668.9071, or use the chat option to speak with one of our experienced debt attorneys. Our rates are low and our consultations are free. We make debt relief easy. After you’ve contacted us, scroll down and learn more about Erin Capital Management. Also, check out our reviews and see for yourself how we help people in your situation. We look forward to hearing from you.

Make Debt Relief Easy Starting with a Free Consultation

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    Who is Erin Capital Management?

    Erin Capital Management, LLC, is a receivables management and investment company, engaging in purchasing, collecting, and servicing non-performing credit card receivables and other consumer classes in New York. Its portfolio is managed by executives from the levels of law, banking, law enforcement, and finance. Erin Capital Management, LLC was founded in 1999 and is based in New York, New York.

    The contact information for Erin Capital Management, LLC is as follows:

     Erin Capital Management, LLC
    90 William St Suite 802
    New York, New York  10038
    Phone: 212-660-3124
    Fax: 212-660-3101

    Is Erin Capital Management legitimate?

     They have an “F” Rating on the Better Business Bureau website.  Although they claim it is an independent law firm, Erin Capital Management, LLC is represented by the law firm of Eltman, Eltman and Cooper, P.C.  The two offices appear to share office space and employees, and have even been accused of sharing the same executives. A quick search reveals numerous complaints regarding their debt collection practices, including potential FDCPA violations.

    How can we help you with Erin Capital Management?

    Our law firm routinely battles actions filed by collection agency and has regularly obtained outstanding results for our clients. We can help you dispute the debt or save you money and establish manageable payment plans that will set you up for success. We can even fight to have default judgments vacated were appropriate.

    Aren’t lawyers expensive?

     Our law firm only represents debtors – that means we understand that the people needing our help do not have much disposable income (if any at all).  That is why our consultations are free and we only charge a low flat rate for our services – i.e., no contingency fees.

    You need someone to represent you in Court and someone who is capable of answering questions you have about Federal and New York debt collection laws. Graham & Borgese has licensed, experienced attorneys that can take care of everything for you and will help you throughout the entire collections process to ensure that you obtain the very best results possible.

    We Look Forward to Helping You

    Contact us today at 888.668.9071, use our chat button, or fill out the form below. Our rates are low and our consultations are free. Take the first step towards debt relief and contact us today. We make debt relief easy.

    Make Debt Relief Easy Starting with a Free Consultation

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