Are you being sued by Encore Capital Group or already have a judgment entered against you in favor of this company? If so, Graham & Borgese is exactly the type of help you’ve been looking for.


Encore Capital Group, Inc. is an extremely large company that goes by many names, including Asset Acceptance, Midland Credit Management (MCM) and Propel Financial Services, to name a few. In June of 2013, Encore Capital Group acquired Asset Acceptance and as a result boasted possession of 60 million individual consumer accounts combined. These collection accounts varied from credit card to telecommunications to consumer loans and other related assets, with a face value of over $130 billion.  This doesn’t even factor into account the numerous consumer accounts purchased and managed by other subsidiaries of the company.  If you attempt to research Encore Capital Group, you will likely be directed instead to one of their subsidiaries: Midland Credit Management.

Midland Credit Management, Inc.
8875 Aero Drive, Suite 200,
San Diego, California 92123
Phone: (877) 240.2377


An entity this massive, with as many subsidiaries as Encore Capital Management has, the company is bound to have many consumer complaints and widespread allegations of improper/illegal debt collection behavior.  That being said, it cannot be assumed that simply because an account was purchased by Encore Capital Management, or one of its subsidiaries, that they have automatically engaged in any such behavior or that the legal action initiated is illegitimate.  If you have been sued by Encore or one of its subsidiaries, the lawsuit itself is likely legitimate and requires a filed, written response to avoid a default judgment being entered against you. Don’t simply ignore the filing, as it will not just go away if you don’t respond.


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