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We can help you no matter where you are in the debt collection process. Even if you are currently speaking with Creditors Interchange, give us a call. We may be able to save you money. You should never try to deal with debt collectors alone. Fill out the contact form below, call us at 888.668.9071, or use the chat option to speak with one of our experienced debt defense attorneys. Our rates are low and our consultations are free. We make debt relief easy. After you’ve contacted us, scroll down and learn more about Creditors Interchange. Also, check out our reviews and see for yourself how we help people in your situation.

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    Who is Creditors Interchange?

    Creditors Interchange Receivable Management, LLC, a.k.a. Creditors Interchange, is a collections agency that was purchased by Cheektowaga-based agency, Mercantile Adjustment Bureau. Combined, the two agencies are believed to have upwards of 500 employees. Creditors Interchange focused its collection efforts on bank loans, college tuition bills, auto loans and debt-buyer accounts. At one point, Creditors Exchange had over 800 employees, including 600 in Western New York.

    According to the ACA Int’l website, Creditors Interchange’s complaint/ethics contact information is as follows:

     Creditors Interchange
     Tom Wilcox, Vice President of Compliance
    Tom Wilcox, Ethics Contact
    80 Holtz Dr.
    Airborne Business Pk.,
    Cheektowaga, NY 14225-1470
    Phone: (716) 614-7500
    Fax: (716) 614-7546
    ACA Member since 1962

    Is Creditors Interchange Legitimate?

    Yes. Creditors Interchange is a legitimate collections agency.  However, this does not mean that they always follow the rules. Each collection account, and the manner in which the account is collected, requires its own specific and detailed review.

    How Can Graham & Borgese Help You With Creditors Interchange?

    Our law firm has helped thousands of people in New York expertly resolve their debt issues with various creditors and collections agencies. Our experience and knowledge will enable us to save you the most money possible, while eliminating the stress and fear associated with dealing with debt collectors. We can help you understand the process, investigate your debt and devise a plan of attack that will make the most sense for your specific goals.

    Additionally, our law firm understands that the people who need our help are dealing with debt issues and need fair and flexible fees to protect their rights. That is why our consultations are always free, we charge extremely affordable rates, and even accept payment plans to make our fees even easier to pay.

    Fill out the contact form below, use the chat option, or call us at 888.668.9071 to speak with one of our experienced debt defense attorneys today.

    Make Debt Relief Easy Starting with a Free Consultation

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