Are you being contacted by Capital Management Services?

Are you being contacted by Capital Management Services, LP (a.k.a. “CMS,” “Capital Management,” and “Ventus Capital Services, LP”)? If so, Graham & Borgese is exactly the type of help you’ve been looking for.  Read below to learn more about Capital Management Services, LP and what our experienced and dedicated attorneys can do for you.

Who are they? Capital Management Services, LP is a collections agency that garners a significant volume of complaints on the various consumer complaint websites. Those claims include allegations that (among other things) Capital Management Services is placing abusive or annoying telephone calls, calling the wrong person and refusing to stop, and simply attempting to collect debts that cannot be validated.

According to the ACA International website, Capital Management’s complaint/ethics contact information is as follows:

Capital Management Services, LP

Cory R. Magnuson, Esq., General Counsel
Cory R. Magnuson, Esq., Ethics Contact
726 Exchange St Ste 700
Buffalo, NY 14210-1464
Phone: (716) 871-9050
Fax: (716) 852-1620
 ACA Member since 2007

How can we help? Our law firm has battled Capital Management Services before and we have obtained outstanding results for our clients. We can help you dispute the alleged debt or save you money and establish manageable payment plans that will set you up for success.

Aren’t lawyers expensive? Our law firm only represents debtors – that means we understand that the people needing our help do not have much disposable income (if any at all).  That is why our consultations are free and we only charge a low flat rate for our services – i.e., no contingency fees.

Why hire an expensive debt settlement company without attorneys on staff to help you resolve your debt issue? You need someone to represent you in Court and someone who is capable of answering questions you have about Federal and New York debt collection laws. Graham & Borgese has licensed, experienced attorneys that can take care of everything for you and will help you throughout the entire collections process to ensure that you obtain the very best results possible.

If you need help dealing with Capital Management Services contact our firm today for a free consultation.  Our lawyers will take the time to listen to your concerns and explain your options.