The Law Offices of Graham & Borgese, LLP sole focus is consumer debt defense. We fight for people that are dealing with a wide variety of debt related issues including, but not limited to; debt lawsuits, judgments, wage garnishments, frozen bank accounts, property liens, and other debt-related issues that affect a person’s financial well-being. We also work diligently to settle our clients’ debt for less. We realize that no matter what the reason for your monetary woes, your overall goal is to improve your financial situation for as little as possible, as quickly as possible.

Many people look forward to tax-time and treat their tax return like a little “bonus” to spend towards something on their personal wish list. For others, tax return money is used to catch up on loans and credit accounts where they may have fallen behind. We have worked with many clients like this, and we understand how important it is for people to resolve their debt issues before they become ongoing legal problems. Our experience gives individuals the ability to stop the negative effects of debt issues and help them begin moving down the road to financial recovery.

Don’t Wait to Address A Problem That Arises

Has your tax refund been garnished or diverted to settle a judgment against you?

It is possible that an individual can be unaware of a judgment or garnishment until tax refunds or other payments are not received as planned. When a problem arises – expected or unexpected – gather your information and contact our attorneys for guidance. Also, periodic checks of your credit report can help to ensure that any suspicious or negative activity is addressed right away before the problem gets worse.

It is important to understand that removing debt and reducing credit issues from your financial history is a valuable investment in your financial future. That is why The Law Offices of Graham and Borgese fights diligently to help our clients settle their debts and or resolve their debt related issues. We highly recommend that you use your tax refund to pay off your debts in order to avoid bigger problems down the road.

However, if your debt issues are at the point where legal representation is required, call us today. We offer free consultations to help you understand the process, your rights and the options available to you. Our rates are extremely affordable and we offer payment plan options as well. Call today and let us, help you, sleep better at night.