How Do I Read A Summons?

How Do I Read A Summons?

When a creditor files a lawsuit against you, they begin the process at Court and then typically hire a process server to deliver a copy of the Summons & Complaint to you, as required by law.

Below is a picture of a real Summons that one of our past clients received from Forster & Garbus, LLP. I have redacted that client’s information for privacy purposes and have playfully replaced that information with Bert & Ernie, who apparently have fallen on hard times at Sesame Street. Even they have turned to Graham & Borgese for help!

Click on the image below to see what all the different items on a Summons mean and whether the information provided is crucial to you or likely irrelevant for the purposes of determining when and how you need to answer the lawsuit.

One thing to always keep in mind, even if you think that the lawsuit that was filed against you is misguided, incorrect, or simply bogus, you MUST file an Answer to prevent the Court from granting a default judgment against you.

If you need help in responding to a lawsuit, don’t hesitate to contact our office today for help!


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