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At Graham & Borgese, our law firm has helped thousands of people throughout New York and New Jersey deal with many issues that can arise from hard economic times: defending lawsuits by creditors, resolving judgments, stopping debt collection harassment, settling defaulted debt and correcting credit reporting or student loan issues.

Why Choose Us

  • Licensed attorneys
  • Local and accessible
  • Affordable fees and payment plans

  • No court appearances
  • We stop harassing phone calls
  • We can help clean up your credit

  • I already have a judgment against me. Is it too late to seek legal help?

    No, it isn’t too late. Graham & Borgese has helped people resolve issues ranging from “pre-litigation” to litigation to post-judgment enforcement (i.e. frozen bank accounts, liens on property, wage garnishments, etc.). Our educated and experienced attorneys can review your situation and help uncover options that you didn’t realize could be possible.

  • Does it make sense to hire an attorney if I simply wish to settle my debt?

    Absolutely. At the heart of any settlement is the art of negotiation and our attorneys are well-versed in debt settlement strategy. Their extensive knowledge and experience enables you to make the strongest push for favorable settlement terms and helps to protect your wages, property, bank accounts, credit reports, and more. Additionally, their understanding of contract law and legal procedure ensures that every settlement is legitimate and well-documented.

  • If I hire Graham & Borgese, how involved would I be in the process?

    Our attorneys and staff work diligently to provide our clients with an experience that is tailored to their particular tastes. Therefore, the answer lies within your own preferences. Some clients of Graham & Borgese wish to be updated periodically and remain consistently involved. Other clients of ours simply wish to ease their mind of the stresses associated with the process and just want to be called when the matter is nearing conclusion.

  • I’m Being Harassed by Debt Collectors, What are My Rights?

    Federal and State debt collection laws exist to ensure that debt collectors engage in fair collection activity that generally prohibits unfair, deceptive or abusive behavior. If your rights under these various laws have been violated, you can typically sue the collector for money damages and recover your attorney’s fees and costs.

Saved $34,000+ off the principal balances.

Great to work with. Very up front and open, easy to communicate with, and gave solid guidance throughout the process.
Results: 8 accounts in total. | Saved $34,000 off the principal balances. | No interest and no more collection calls.
Dave T. From Fairport, NY

Saved 41% off the principle balance.

Very satisfied. Everything was great.
Results: One-time payment of $841. | Also obtained a payment from the debt collector for confidential amount for alleged FDCPA violations.
Dave M. from North Tonawanda, NY

Saved $2,200.

Thank you for all your assistance and hard work and I will be referring other people to you, because I can honestly say your organization cared about the client first.
Results: Lawsuit by debt-buyer dismissed. | No payments. | Stopped collection calls.
James C. from Rochester, NY

Saved over $4,000.

I will recommend you to co-workers, friends and family.
Results: Monthly payments of $125. | Prevented a judgment from being enforced involuntarily.
Rafael, M. from Yonkers, NY

Saved over $2,400.

I have my life back! So happy with the service.
Results:One-time payment of $1,200. | Stopped collection calls and vacated a judgment.
Kenneth T. from Staten Island, NY

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