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Make Debt Relief Easy Starting with a Free Consultation

*NO Child Support, Taxes, or Criminal Law Related Cases Accepted. We DO NOT collect debts. We defend People IN debt.


Who Can You Trust To Save You Money?

At Graham & Borgese, we truly understand the reasons people experience debt problems: illness, loss of employment, divorce, loss of income, growing families, large unexpected expenses, unreasonable fees, exorbitant interest rates, and so on and so forth. Furthermore, we realize that no matter what the reason was for your monetary woes, your overall goal is to simply improve your finances as quickly as possible, for as little as possible.  That is why our debt settlement law firm fights diligently to help our clients settle their debts fast and for less. We are a local law firm with offices throughout NY and NJ, and unlike national debt settlement companies, we hold ourselves to a high ethical standard, to ensure that we lawfully and zealously represent the people who have put their trust in us to help them out. Our experience allow us to negotiate meaningful debt settlements for our clients.

Why It Makes Sense to Hire Graham & Borgese To Settle Your Debt

  1. Our legal fees are simple, direct, clear to calculate and there are never any hidden charges.
  2. Unlike debt settlement companies, we have licensed, experienced attorneys on staff who will continue to handle your collection account – even if a lawsuit is filed along the way. Graham & Borgese won’t leave you stranded or charge you additional fees to achieve your goals.
  3.  Our attorneys always see to it that a settlement is finalized in written, contractual form, and the terms are always reviewed by an attorney to ensure that a creditor does not/cannot take advantage of you.
  4. Graham & Borgese is well-versed in collection laws that will allow you to rest assured that your rights are not being violated by unscrupulous debt collectors.
  5. We provide direct and personal contact with our clients to keep them in the loop throughout the process. You are not an account member or client ID number. You will speak with the same person through the handling of your file, further establishing the recognition and trust that our law firm prides itself on.

Credit Card Debt Is A Killer

Credit card debt is one of the leading sources of debt and bankruptcy in the country. Did you know that:

1. Half of Americans Have Outstanding Credit Card Debt
2. Households with Credit Card Debt Owe an Average of $6,000
3. It Could Take a Decade to Pay off a balance of just $5,700
4. One-Fifth of Americans Owe More On Credit Cards Than They Have in Emergency Savings
5. There’s A Good Chance You’ll Die with Credit Card Debt

We are skilled in debt negotiation and delivering meaningful settlements when dealing with credit card companies. If you’re behind on your credit card bills and do nothing about it, the interest and penalties will continue to build and you will eventually find yourself facing a lawsuit. Don’t let things get that far. We can settle your credit card bills for less than you owe and for less than most other debt settlement services. We get you out of debt, not add to it.

Don’t Hire A Debt Settlement Company

There are countless numbers of “debt settlement” companies across the country today that make big, bold and exciting claims regarding the money they can save you. The problem? The vast majority of these companies actually add to your debt problems by charging vague and exorbitant fees for their services and otherwise failing to negotiate meaningful settlements for your debt. What’s worse? Many of these companies actually tell their clients to stop paying bills even though they are current, because they want to “frighten” creditors into settling debts – but this only leads to lawsuits, inflated debt amounts and more severely damaged credit.

Hiring a debt consolidation company isn’t the answer either. These companies are also rarely able to negotiate meaningful resolutions to your debt problems. Instead of consolidating your debt, we actually get your principal balances reduced and are often able to get interest and penalties waived.

We Look Forward to Helping You

Contact us today at 888.668.9071, use our chat button, or fill out the form below. Our rates are low and our consultations are free. Take the first step towards debt relief and contact us today. We make debt relief easy! Serving New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania

Make Debt Relief Easy Starting with a Free Consultation

*NO Child Support, Taxes, or Criminal Law Related Cases Accepted. We DO NOT collect debts. We defend People IN debt.